Monday, November 9, 2009

I am free of a deadly virus

From today onwards, I am free of a deadly virus that infected a lot of people all through out this world.


wahahahhaha I AM FREEEEEEE!!

What about you?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

In and out, dilemma all over again

Human relation, what makes us humans so vulnerable that we would throw everything we have for that relation. Be it family or friend or a love relation, we humans tend to forget what is important and what is of secondary importance.

With that being said, yes, this post that concerns dilemma has got something to do with relation. No, I am strictly not going to mention or tell which kind of relation it is but I am sure all of you out there would agree with me that dilemma is the one kind of feeling that nobody would like to experience in the long run.

I do not really know what has gotten into myself. After this long break and absence from the blogging community, I decided to choose this fateful rainy morning to break the silence on my blog.

So what do you all think about dilemma? Frankly, I take dilemma as a nuisance. It messes up your mind and makes you think a whole load of stuff that you're not going to think about in the first place. All those unnecessary things, unwanted thoughts and maybe fear. Dilemma is also often associated with decision making. A person may be in dilemma over a certain decision that he/she is about to make. Weighting the possible outcomes and circumstances that might occur.

It is quite a nuisance isn't it? So how do we solve this? Any idea on how I could broaden my mind and thinking? Release a bit of that stress and clear my head to make a better and unclouded judgement?

Thank you for reading.


Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Day of August - Part 3 (KK Part -2)

Well well! Second day in KK!

Started of with some Yogur Berry! YUMMY DELICIOUS!

What is Yogur Berry? Well as you can see from the picture above, frozen yogurt. There's a lot of toppings that you can choose from to put in your frozen yogurt... Fruits, syrup, caramel, whatever you name it.... well not everything that you can eat can be its toppings but yea there's a lot of toppings.

Okay... that is for the appetizer.. for lunch

Went to some place called Penang Taste I think....

I forgot.... (AGAIN!)


Nasi Goreng Kampung


Tom Yam Fried Rice

Next up! Dinner at New York New York! As you can see, they do not serve pork and lard. *smiles* Whoopee for me!

Super New York feel?

Look at the menu!

Its the New York post!

Enough of that, on to the FOOD!

Roasted Mushroom Cappuccino - Cream of roasted mushroom with frothed milk and topped with a sprinkle of cocoa powder. MUST HAVE!

Cheese Garlic Bread

I don't think it is that nice as I can only taste the cheese.. and the garlic.. are well.. uncooked.

Main course



Cape Style Fish 'N' Chips - Made out of the finest Dory fillet and cooked with the finest cooking methods borrowed from Cape Cod.

Well, that is the ending I guess....

Nothing much huh? Just a short trip. But a happy one.






Wooooooooops not over yet! Haha!

Well, actually I went to KK as a surprise. For what?

Well, of course it is something special.

Happy Birthday Dear! *smiles*

Last Day of August - Part 2 (KK - Part 1)

Next up, will be the remnants of the Kota Kinabalu trip right after Kuala Lumpur.

At the airport, with enthusiasm, I was so ready to board the plane. So god knows how excited I am when.....

The display board displays...


You know... Air Asia... which is famous for? Delays.

In the end, I only departed one hour later....

So, to kill time, I went to Coffee Bean, which is just a stone's throw away.

Ice Blended Vanilla

Okay.... flight delayed, I got my ice blended vanilla to kill time. All set, connections, wireless......



No connection found. WTH?

Coffee Bean no wireless? FAIL!

To top all the of the bad luck... flight delayed,

No wireless,

My phone stylus, which was originally like this...


Sighs..... how bad can this be?

First flight delayed,

Then, no wireless,

And then my stylus! OMG T_T

But thank god! No other bad luck incidents happened after that. Amen!

Next up, once arrived, dinner at Upperstar, Kota Kinabalu. I did not manage to get a picture of the food there but at least, the name. LOL. The place had nice ambiance and environment. Too bad the staff there blows. (Strictly No OFFENSE)

Next day! Visit to 1 Borneo, Kota Kinabalu. Didn't feel like going anywhere at first....

Why? Look at the whether!

Seems like a storm is coming.... geez.. just when I thought the bad luck is over! T_T

Anyways, putting that aside, I managed to take a shot of @mosphere, Kota Kinabalu. The rotating restaurant.

Its the building on the right ya.... not that pole.. LOL

After a long drive...


1 Borneo

Didn't get a full picture but... that will do.. hehe

Look at the shops that you can find there... WOW

Well, by looking at that, I expected the place to be as large as Mid Valley in KL. But then you know, expectations are always wrong. Spent around 1 hour and a half walking around... and I ended up having nothing else to do but sit at Big Apple Donuts.


Movie tickets for Harry Potter.

Woop Woop. Boring first day. But all in all, its superb! Why? You'll know *smiles*
To be continued in the next part!

KK - Part 2!!

Last Day of August - Part 1

Once again with a blink of an eye, a blow of a wind, a month goes by and I guess, a new chapter has begun in my life, I also hope that it hasn't ended. It has been a fairy tale and it feels like a dream. But I guess the time to go back to reality, the time to wake up has finally arrived. Counting by the last day I blogged, it has been more than a month since I have jotted down my heart's content. As always, I will pick up from where I left off and continue on with a summary, a summary of sweet memories. I don't really have an excellent memory so I will try my best to put them in chronological order. After all, pictures speak louder than words.

First before the pictures, I would like to apologize to all my readers who have been visiting my blog, hoping for an update.

A picture in front of Star Hill, KL.

In front of the magic mirror? - Take 1

Magic mirror - Take 2

Magic mirror - Take 3

The following pictures are taken at Murni Restaurant SSJ 2. I will only post pictures here as I don't really remember the names of the dishes. But if any of you that were with me on the trip remembers, I would be glad with the assistance.

Next will be pictorials from Jogoya Restaurant, Star Hill. A definite must go for Japanese food lovers. Not halal due to the alcohol... pork free... so it counts as HALAL.

See the teeny-weeny "Pork Free"?

This surprised me... A LOT... look at the people lining up to get into the restaurant!

And... the food on the table!

Sigh... it was a good trip. Memorable trip with the gang. But, all good things always come to an end..... Below... the pictures that we took when we arrived in Miri airport. NO REST FOR THE CAMERA!

Aileen and Ian

女人, Jenny




To prevent the post from being too long, I continue on in the second part. Thank you for viewing my blog!

Monday, July 20, 2009

KL Life - Day #6 (Part 1)

Day number 6, marks the end of our adventure in Genting Highlands. With heavy and unwilling hearts not to mention sleepy heads, we started packing and got ready for our departure from Uncle Lim's town. Before that, we went to eat the buffet breakfast which is compliment from First World Hotel. Then we went to the mini bus station situated beside the hotel.

We went there on foot and reached there around 10 a.m. Upon reaching the station, our cam whore king found out that there is only 1 bus company providing shuttle service to Titiwangsa which is almost near KL area and it departs at 10.30 a.m. So we had half an hour to kill while waiting for the departure time. What did we do? I know I was trying furiously on checking my results online but to no avail. Last resort, call curtin. 085-443939!! Below are the "documentary" of what the others were doing while waiting.

Cam whore king in action again...

Super candid shot by cam whore king.

Cam whore queen?

Cam whore king sms-ing who??

And while the rest are busy with their activities and cam whoring, some of us found this cute lil baby and started to dub him as cam whore king jr. hahaha.

Eling with the cam whore king jr.

Cam whore king jr. with Alfredo and Xin Yii in the background smiling.

After a period of cam whoring, it is finally time for us to depart from Genting. When we purchased the tickets for the bus we expected a bus like express bus or something like a bus especially for travelling passangers but alas, our expectations were hampered. The bus that we were supposed to take was just a city bus. With no adequate allocation for luggage. Don't get what I mean? Take a look at the picture.

With all our luggage blocking the walkway, the bus driver barely had enough room to walk and collect the tickets. But then, somehow we managed and we arrived safetly at Titiwangsa bus station where we parted with Ah Jack and Xin Yii. We then made our way to our hotel, all of us decided to go by taxi and divide the cost evenly among us. It took 4 taxi's to get us down to Alor Street, and to our hotel for the rest of our days in KL, Seasons View Hotel.

But for me its different. I managed to get complimentary accomodation for 3 days 2 nights at KL Plaza couresty of Berjaya Vacation Club. So I walked my own a** to KL Plaza and brought Victor along with me.

For now I will stop here, and I will continue the rest of the story for day 6 in a second part as I need sometime to refresh my memory and fatigueness. Thank you for reading!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

KL Life - Day #5

Fifth day in West Malaysia. Rise and shine in Genting Highlands. The temperature is very very cold. Even without air conditioning, we're already shivering. After taking the complimentary buffet breakfast provided by the First World Hotel, we went ahead with our plan for the day, the theme park. Upon entry, we took a group picture. Then we proceeded down the walkway and ran into a double decker bus. And so, the cam whoring begins. Although I was not meant to be in the picture but you can see my left arm on the left side of the picture. *laughs* Next we will see the king of cam whoring in person hogging the bus all to himself. *LOL* Then we proceeded to the rides available. RM 38 for full access of the park is quite okay if you ask me. BUT BUT BUT... ONLY if every single ride is available. The time we went there, most of the exciting rides were on maintenance. Such a pity and a waste. I only managed to ride the Pirate Ship, the ride i call the tower jumper (must try :P) and the other one, which is similar to a merry go round to me.. but its a scarier version. *laughs*

The tower jumper

Lunch was at Old Town Coffee,

If you want to see more pictures, you can get them here. 5 Zhang's photo album on Facebook.
At night, we went to have dinner at Pizza Hut to celebrate Ah Jack's birthday. Then we went to Genting Highland's Ripley's Believe It or Not exhibit center. Where we came across a lot of strange and intriguing stuff that we have never seen before. It is a must visit and really worth it for RM 18 per person. Below is a picture that was taken in front of a strange mirror and a funny one indeed. *smiles*